TrillionTM The original 1978 Progressive Rock Band website.

 TRILLION's self titled debut album was released on Epic Records in 1978.

Ron Anaman - Bass and Vocals - Frank Barbalace - Guitars and Vocals - Fergie Frederiksen - Vocals on the debut album - Pat Leonard - Keyboards - William Willkins - Drums and Percussion - Thom Griffin - Vocals on Clear Approach - CJ Vanston - Keyboard player on the TRILLION III project

 TRILLION's second album, titled Clear Approach was released on the Epic label in 1979.

TRILLION opened for or shared the bill with Heart, Styx, TOTO, Ian Hunter, Jeff Beck, The Starship, Rick Derringer and many other great acts in a 52 city tour. Since the 80's break up the band members went in different directions doing many different projects and on different labels. 

In 2007, the 3 original members of TRILLION, Bill, Thom and Frank felt that the band's legacy had been cut short far before exploring its full potential, and that there was much more uniquely compelling music to come from this combination of slightly eccentric and adventerous players!

Thom Griffin, Frank Barbalace, and Bill Wilkins recruited CJ Vanston on keyboards to begin collaborating on a couple of the new tunes. CJ has currently performed on both Golden Sun Beyond and In My Blood. Pat Leonard has also played on Golden Sun Beyond and solo'd on Innocence which has made the project that much more unique and a first for these two great musicians playing on the same project together.
Many thanks go out to Dave Larue and Michael Rhodes for their precision bass work on the tunes. They both have impressive portfolios and we greatly appreciate them sharing their playing talents with us on Trillion III.

Bryan Mitchell - producer / engineer at Medical Records Studio, Chicago launched this Trillion III project and we are truely grateful and will always remember Bryan for his great work and compassion that he expressed on this project, he will always be in our hearts.